Hi! I’m a Sydney-based freelance illustrator, designer and visual development artist. I graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Design majoring in graphics and textile design.  I’ve also just returned to uni, studying Digital Media at Billy Blue College of Design.  
I have experience working across many fields from fashion and textile design, mobile game development to concept art to board game development.  I am always excited to transform abstract ideas and concepts into fully realised visual designs and illustrations.
When I’m not working, I am usually creating my own illustration projects, playing video games or playing the piano.  Currently, I’m working on writing and creating a sci-fi comic about science, politics, philosophy and space battles as well as a super secret mobile game!
My technical skills in illustration and painting, as well as my numerous software capabilities and wide-ranging experience, allow me to created beautiful, well-researched and novel concepts and design solutions for games, films and other media.  
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